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CodeIgniter Folder Icons for Leopard

Hello there! I decided to play a bit and make some folder icons. So here is my contribution for mac developers on this great framework. I made 3 versions, yellow, red and default blue color.

The icon set includes sizes from 16px to 512px, and real folders (just drag and drop on “get info” dialog). As is the case with any downloads I make available here, please do not redistribute the icons or attempt to pass them off as your own.


Download (2.03MB)

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Fixing CodeIgniter and .htaccess issues on Leopard


This is my first post and I’ll try to show you guys a few configurations regarding CodeIgniter with Leopard. First I was having problems with .htaccess and mode_rewrite, to remove de “index.php”. Searching CodeIgniter forums, many many people had same problem, 500 Internal Erros, 403 Forbidden and so on. I was almost givin up, when I tried working with Virtual Hosts on apache, witch is the best and the correct solution in my case, because I develop many sites. Well, just for the record, I’m not using pack solutions, like, just de built-in apache+php5, and installed mysql.

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